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Tips and tricks to have white teeth

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Tips and tricks to keep your smile bright and white this silly season

  1. Carry out a tool kit

One great idea is to always carry a travel kit with a brush, toothpaste and dental floss. It can be easily carried in a purse or in a backpack, and that way you make sure you don’t have an excuse to not brush your teeth after a meal.

  1. Eat your three meals

Food is a huge part of the holiday season, but snacking all day can put your teeth under a constant acid attack. As most dentists will advise you, try to stick to three balanced meals a day instead of having ...

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Benefits of Invisalign

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In today’s day and age, there are several ways in which one can straighten their teeth, and braces are not the only option. Don’t get us wrong, braces are great and highly effective, but let’s be honest, the look is not for everyone.

Invisalign is the preferred method of straightening teeth for adults and teenagers as it is virtually invisible. You can undergo orthodontic treatment without anybody actually knowing about it. Your smile can be straightened with comfort and seamlessness.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a teeth straightening method that utilises a set of clear aligners. These clear aligners are placed snugly over the teeth to apply pressure on them which moves ...

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Are you making any of these tooth brushing mistakes?

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Let’s improve our oral health by looking at 7 common mistakes people make with their everyday tooth brushing and how we can correct these!

1. Not brushing at the right time

It’s important to brush in the morning and it is essential to brush before bed. Because we are not eating and talking during the night, there is a reduction in the cleansing flow of saliva in the mouth so it’s best to remove as much bacteria and plaque by brushing before we go to sleep. This prevents germs from potentially causing decay and gum problems. And when we brush in the morning, after breakfast is always best so that we remove ...

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What Happens During a Routine Check Up?

Close up of dental tool in mouth during check | Dentist Paddington NSWSeeing the dentist is just one of those things that you tend to put off, though it always feels better after you have gone. It is common knowledge that we should visit our dentist every few months for a routine check-up (though most of us are guilty of being a little slack when it comes to this.) But there are several reasons why seeing your dentist every few months is important. These reasons go beyond putting your conscience at ease.

What Happens During a Routine Check Up?

During a routine dental check ...

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