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Missing and damaged teeth are problematic—and not just because of aesthetics. When teeth are missing or damaged, you can be embarrassed to smile. It can also be difficult to chew, so people may find themselves avoiding their favourite foods. Not fixing a damaged tooth can lead to the loss of that tooth. Not filling in the space left by one or two missing teeth can lead to more missing teeth. 

Depending on your situation, restorative dental work, including crowns and bridges, can give you back form and function of your smile.

Paddington Dentistry is proud to offer our patients high-quality, natural-looking restorations to enhance a damaged smile.

When it comes to finding the best dental crowns in Sydney, the experienced doctors at Paddington Dentistry are in a class of their own.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth covers that go on top of a damaged or weakened tooth. They are sometimes called tooth caps because of the way they fit on a tooth. There are many purposes for dental crowns, including:

  • To strengthen a molar that has been weakened or fractured due to a large filling. When too much of the tooth structure has been removed because of decay, replacing the filling is not an option. A dental crown will cover the tooth and strengthen it so it can withstand the force of chewing.
  • To prevent a tooth that has had a root canal from breaking. A root canal requires the removal of the living tissue from a tooth root when it becomes infected. Removing the tooth pulp and nerves mean the remaining tooth structure becomes brittle. A dental crown protects the tooth and gives it back full function.
  • To cover up a tooth that is miss-shaped, stained, or damaged will ensure a pleasant  aesthetic look.
  • To hold a dental bridge in place. Crowns may be placed on the two teeth adjacent to a space in the mouth where the bridge is attached.

Our practitioner team lead by Dr Nick Nabavi at Paddington Dentistry  provide  patients with customised, high-quality dental crowns that are similar in structure to the natural teeth.  If you’re looking for dental crowns in Sydney that are designed to blend in seamlessly for a natural look, then get in touch with Paddington Dentistry today.

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Missing teeth can make it challenging to chew and speak properly. It can also cause wear on the healthy teeth in your mouth, as you eventually make adjustments in the way you chew to compensate for the gap. From this, you could find yourself facing the loss of additional teeth.

A dental bridge literally bridges the space in your mouth left by missing teeth. It restores your ability to chew properly, and it prevents your other teeth from shifting.

Bridges are a connected series of artificial teeth that are crafted from state-of-the-art materials to blend in with your own teeth. Once the bridge is placed, it looks completely natural.

Looking for Dental Crowns in Sydney?

We believe that everyone deserves a smile that looks good and functions well. 

Why not let Dr Nabavi and Dr Hah meet with you to talk about restoring your teeth with a dental crown or bridge at our Paddington dental clinic?

For the best dental crowns in Sydney, we invite you to call and book a consultation.

Dental Crown FAQs

What is a dental crown? 

A dental crown is a tooth covering that goes over the top of a weakened or decayed tooth.  You may also see dental crowns referred to as tooth caps, alluding to the way they’re placed over your current tooth.

At Paddington Dentistry, our experienced doctors offer dental crown solutions that allow you to comfortably and confidently smile once again.

Is the dental crown procedure painful?

The dental crown procedure is designed to be as pain-free that our staff can make it and our dental crown procedures only require a local anesthetic during the process.

By following the advice of our doctors following the procedure, over the counter pain-killers are usually enough to overcome any mild tooth pain and sensitivity when you get home.

Are there any alternatives to dental crowns?

There are a number of alternatives to tooth crowns that you may consider when it comes to restoring a tooth.  These could include:

  • Dental bridges
  • Dental bonding
  • Veneers
  • Onlays/inlays

Your best choice would be to speak to one of the team at Paddington Dentistry about a solution tailored to your specific tooth.

Where can I get a dental crown in Sydney?

If you’re searching for the best dental crowns in Sydney, stop by Paddington Dentistry or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Our aesthetically pleasing dental crown solutions will repair your teeth and have you comfortably smiling once more.