Root Canal Therapy

Woman holding jaw in pain | Dentist Paddington NSWFewer words are as scary to most dental patients than “you need a root canal.” Root canals are generally associated with pain, but it’s the pain of toothache leading up to the treatment rather than the treatment itself. The reality is that root canals are a common procedure that will not only eliminate toothache, but it will likely save your tooth in the process.

If you are in pain, you should know that dental pain is never normal, and it’s best to contact us sooner rather than later. The dentists at our Paddington, NSW dental clinic are experienced and gentle. We are glad to mention that at Paddington Dentistry, the most advanced equipment will be utilised for root canal treatment for patient optimum care and comfort.

The Root Canal Procedure

When a toothache goes from mild to unbearable, chances are you have an infection deep within the root of your tooth. A root canal removes the infected material from your tooth root. Most people are pleasantly surprised after treatment that getting a root canal was no more complicated than having a cavity filled.

The procedure begins by numbing the area to be treated so you won’t feel pain during the procedure. When the area is fully anesthetized, your dentist will create a tiny hole in the tooth through which he will pull out the infected tooth pulp. Then he will thoroughly clean out the tooth root to ensure all of the infected material has been removed and plug it to prevent more bacteria from getting to the site.

In most situations, we recommend a dental crown placed on top of the remaining tooth structure. Without the living tissue in the tooth root, the tooth tends to become brittle and is prone to breaking. A dental crown will strengthen it so you can chew normally again.

We also offer sedation options to help get you through treatment comfortably. Please ask about them when you call to book your appointment.

Man smiling | Dentist Paddington NSWThe worst of your pain should subside immediately after treatment, although the area might be a bit tender for a few days afterwards.

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

The primary benefit of root canal treatment is that we can probably save your tooth from extraction. Before modern dental technology was available, extraction was the usual treatment to eliminate a tooth infection.

A root canal will also prevent the infection from spreading to your other teeth.

With a root canal and a dental crown, your tooth will be stronger than ever, and it will function just as it did before you developed the infection.

If You Need a Root Canal

We invite you to contact our Paddington, NSW dental clinic if you are experiencing toothache and think you might need a root canal. There is no need to fear this tooth-saving procedure.

We look forward to eliminating your tooth pain and helping you feel comfortable again.