Digital Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays on a computer screen | Dentist Paddington NSWAt Paddington Dentistry, we realise that most people do not enjoy taking time out of their busy schedules to visit the dentist, so do we what we can to help make your time with us as efficient as possible. Modern dental technology, including digital x-rays, is one way we can do that.

Taking x-rays is an essential part of providing you and your family with the most accurate dental care possible. When our dentists conduct an examination, the naked eye can only see so much. With digital x-rays, we can go beyond what a visual exam can see to detect dental issues in their earliest stages.

For many of our patients, we recommend a full set of digital radiographs once a year. But because everyone is different, we might suggest a different schedule for you. This is part of our customised treatment plan for everyone we see.

The Benefits of Digital Technology

Patient safety is essential to our Paddington, NSW dental clinic, and digital technology plays into that. Not only are digital x-rays safer because they emit less radiation, but they are quicker, so the exposure time patients experience is less. Digital x-rays are so safe, in fact, that you are likely to be exposed to more radiation taking a walk on a sunny day.

In addition to safety, digital x-rays provide the utmost efficiency. They can easily be enlarged, enabling your dentist to home in on potentially problematic areas. Rather than having to send copies of film through the post as in the past, digital radiographs can be emailed to specialists or other medical professionals quickly.

Because they can detect problems beneath the surface, you can get treatment for small issues before they grow into big ones. For instance, a speck of dental decay can be identified on a digital x-ray and taken care of before it has a chance to get any bigger.

There are no films or chemicals associated with digital x-rays, so they are better for our environment.

Other Dental Technology You’ll Find at Our Dental Clinic

two women smiling | dentist paddington nswDigital x-rays are only one of the many ways we make the most of your time and your treatment while you are here. Here are some of the other ways we strive to ensure you receive the best in high-quality dental care:

  • 3-D cone beam
  • Digital impressions
  • Digital records
  • Digital x-rays
  • Panoramic x-rays
  • Intraoral camera
  • Electric handpieces
  • Laser dentistry
  • Rotary endodontics
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Television in treatment rooms

Learn More at Our Modern Dental Clinic

We invite you to book an appointment and enjoy the safe efficiency of digital radiographs and other leading-edge dental technology at Paddington Dentistry. Call us on (02) 9360 6245. We warmly welcome new patients.