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Update COVID19 - Get Back To Normal

May 11, 2020
Posted By: paddington dentistry team

Stepping back to level 1 (announced on Sat 9th of April by ADA  ) was really good news for us!

Finally after weeks of several limitations of dental work, now we can serve you as before for all of your dental needs as there is NO limitation.  

At Paddington Dentistry, your safety and care is our number one priority. 

We are monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely and are actively taking additional precautionary measures to minimize the risk to our staff and clients alike.
While there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in any of the dental practices in Australia, our priority is to ensure that we are being proactive for the safety of our clients and staff. Even with the restriction level 1 which enables us to provide dental services and treatments as before we use an antibacterial disinfectant spray on all of our equipment and suits, all of the furnitures are collected to minimise the surface at risk and always practice high hygiene standards.  In addition, we are:

  • Providing additional hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes for you to use
  • Reminding all clients and staff on hygiene and cleanliness best practices
  • We ask that you do not attend a session if arrival back into Australia less than 14 days, have symptoms of cough, fever or shortness of  breath OR have close contact with a positive case of Corona

Please be advised that in order to achieve optimum infection control in the practice, we recommend that you come to your appointment unaccompanied. The practice will also avoid having more than one patient (or family) at a time in the waiting area. 
We will ask you some questions about your health status before your attendance then will confirm your appointment. ( as per advice in the guideline)
We logistically place your appointments apart to ensure there will be no contact in between patients and to allow ample time to perform our disinfectant protocols for your safety.  



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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.