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Benefits of Invisalign

December 4, 2018
Posted By: Dr Nick Nabavi
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In today’s day and age, there are several ways in which one can straighten their teeth, and braces are not the only option. Don’t get us wrong, braces are great and highly effective, but let’s be honest, the look is not for everyone.

Invisalign is the preferred method of straightening teeth for adults and teenagers as it is virtually invisible. You can undergo orthodontic treatment without anybody actually knowing about it. Your smile can be straightened with comfort and seamlessness.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a teeth straightening method that utilises a set of clear aligners. These clear aligners are placed snugly over the teeth to apply pressure on them which moves the teeth into their correct positions. Each aligner will gradually move the teeth to a certain position until every tooth is positioned correctly.

Each aligner is worn for about 2 weeks at a time. The teeth usually shift within the first 24 hours, however, keeping the aligner in place for 2 weeks will ensure that the teeth remain and settle in their positions. The Invisalign course usually lasts a few months until your smile has been completely corrected. Your aligner should be worn all day and all night and only removed during meal times.

The clear benefits

The most obvious benefit of Invisalign is the fact that it is clear and inconspicuous. For adults and some teens, the idea of wearing braces can leave them feeling a little self-conscious. Invisalign solves this problem as it is practically undetectable.

Invisalign is a relatively speedy way to straighten teeth. Most people who go through the Invisalign method for straightening their teeth, typically only spend a few months going through treatment before it is completed.

Braces can be uncomfortable! The brackets of braces can sometimes cut your lips or inner cheeks. Sure, there are solutions to this such as wax, but Invisalign causes no cuts or irritation in the mouth. Eliminating the mess and discomfort braces can sometimes cause wearers. Invisalign is a completely smooth piece of apparatus that is placed in the mouth and is, therefore, often a lot more comfortable than braces.

When wearing braces, there are certain foods that you cannot eat, such as toffees or other hard or chewy foods. The reason one cannot eat these when wearing braces is that they can loosen or break your braces. Invisalign, on the other hand, is removed during meal times, giving you complete freedom when it comes to your diet. You may choose whatever you wish to eat when undergoing Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign has solutions that can treat almost every mild to medium case. From overbites to underbites, to spacing and crowding issues.

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces can make brushing and flossing a little more challenging. Special dental floss needs to be used when wearing braces as well as an interdental toothbrush (in conjunction to a regular toothbrush). Because Invisalign is removable, it takes all the fuss out of your oral hygiene routine. Simply remove your aligner and you can brush and floss your teeth as usual.

If you have a busy schedule, Invisalign is a great option with regard to the frequency of appointments you will need to make with your orthodontist. Many braces patients meet with their orthodontist every single month. Others often have to make emergency meetings in order to have a wire moved or a bracket replaced. The frequency that you will need to see your orthodontist when you are wearing Invisalign is far less than if you were wearing braces.

Invisalign has a wide variety of benefits that make it the ideal system for teenagers and adults alike. It is less irritating than braces and far easier to manage, and most of all, convenient!

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