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When Your Child Feels Anxious About the Dentist: 3 Compassionate Solutions

October 15, 2019
Posted By: Paddington Dentistry
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It’s essential to bring your children into the dentist at an early age. But what if your child suffers from anxiety over seeing the dentist? It might be easy to put off that next dental appointment, but it’s important that you help your child work past the anxiety.

One of the ways to do that is to visit a dentist who is skilled at children’s dentistry, and at Paddington Dentistry, you’ll find compassionate, qualified practitioners.

Here are some other solutions that might help you out:

Let Your Child Know About Visiting the Dentist Beforehand

Children thrive on routine and predictability, so don’t wait until the last minute to tell them about their upcoming trip to the dentist. You should give them time to mentally prepare.

Take some time to talk them through their anxiety. Let them talk about their fears. Answer their questions honestly but without too many details. You want their upcoming visit to the dentist to seem as nonthreatening as possible.

Also, be sure to alert your dentist about your child’s anxiety so they can be prepared. You might also want to ask for advice as to what you can do at your end.

Be Prepared for the Visit to the Dentist

Bring along your child’s favourite toy or stuffed animal. Having a familiar belonging with them can be a calming distraction while in the waiting room before the appointment as well as in the dental chair.

Make sure you stay calm before and during the visit—especially if your child does have a meltdown. If you have your own anxiety over the dentist, try not to let that show. Speak gently to your child and have a soothing a demeanour as possible.

Work Together with the Team at Paddington Dentistry

When parents communicate our dental team in Paddington about children’s dentistry, we can all work together to help ensure dental visits go smoothly—even for anxious children. Call us for competent, caring children’s dentistry.


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