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Tips and tricks to have white teeth

January 1, 2019
Posted By: Paddington Dentist Team
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Tips and tricks to keep your smile bright and white this silly season

  1. Carry out a tool kit

One great idea is to always carry a travel kit with a brush, toothpaste and dental floss. It can be easily carried in a purse or in a backpack, and that way you make sure you don’t have an excuse to not brush your teeth after a meal.

  1. Eat your three meals

Food is a huge part of the holiday season, but snacking all day can put your teeth under a constant acid attack. As most dentists will advise you, try to stick to three balanced meals a day instead of having 7-10 snacks over the course of the day. Eating three times a day means the enamel in your teeth is under less stress, which in turn, decreases the chances of dental damage that needs to be repaired by cosmetic dentistry.

  1. Think when you drink
  •  GOOD FOR YOUR TEETH: Water, staying hydrated helps balance the pH in your mouth, and drinking after a meal helps wash away some of the bacteria attacking your teeth. 
  • BAD FOR YOUR TEETH: Fizzy drinks like sodas are sugar bombs that wreak havoc on your tooth enamel. Stay clear of them as much as you can, opt for bubbly mineral water instead. If you can’t resist, use a straw to minimise contact between your teeth and the sugar in the drink. White wine is a lovely accompaniment to lunch, but It’s better to have a glass or two over a meal than sip wine throughout the day as this puts your teeth under a continuous acid attack. Red wine is another great festive favourite but it can stain your teeth. Try to remember to brush your teeth at least 30-60 minutes after drinking red wine to avoid deep stains
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