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Protect Your Child's Smile with a Custom Mouthguard

January 26, 2020
Posted By: Paddington Dentistry
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The 2019 holidays are behind us, and the kids are back in school. Now, is the perfect time to think about protecting your child’s smile throughout the school day and during sports or raucous activities. Your dentist in Paddington can help.

At Paddington Dentistry, our children’s dentist creates custom mouthguards to help keep your child’s smile safe during physical activities such as baseball, hockey, and other contact sports.

A Custom Mouthguard from Your Dentist in Paddington

You can buy mouthguards and face gear in shops. However, they will not be customised to fit your child’s smile. They may slip or rub. A custom mouthguard, however, comes from a mould of your child’s teeth so it fits him or her as it should.

A mouthguard in Paddington not only protects your child’s smile from stray elbows and hockey pucks, but it also allows for unobstructed breathing, which may improve athletic performance.

At Paddington Dentistry, we see a fair number of sports-related dental emergencies, and your dentist in Paddington wants your child to be safe during contact activities.

Other Healthy Measures to Consider

Healthy nutritional lunches—low in sugar—may help lower your child’s cavity risks throughout the school day. Water, as opposed to acidic fruit juices, may also contribute to a cavity-free checkup.

If your child indulges in lollies or cakes when out with friends, consider adding a brushing immediately after school.

Finally, make sure your child is brushing regularly (and correctly) and visiting their dentist in Paddington twice-yearly for exams and cleans.

Remember, the dental team at Paddington Dentistry is dedicated to your child’s smile health.

We Look Forward to Caring for Your Child’s Teeth

If you would like to schedule a dental exam with your dentist in Paddington for a mouthguard fitting, we welcome your call. If you have any questions, we also encourage you to contact our dental team.

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